the welcoming committee of AMPLIFY Clearwater

As we continue to grow and expand our organization, we’re excited to invite passionate individuals to take on a leadership role by becoming an Ambassador of AMPLIFY Clearwater! 



Our Ambassadors play a pivotal role in championing our mission, fostering engagement, and driving positive change within our community and beyond. They serve as the face of AMPLIFY, embodying our values and spreading awareness of our initiatives far and wide.

If you’re someone who is enthusiastic about making a difference and eager to play an active role in shaping the future of our community, we encourage you to consider applying to become an AMPLIFY Ambassador.

Here’s what the role entails:

  1. Represent
  2. Promote
  3. Volunteer/Assist

Now, you might be wondering how to apply. We’re pleased to announce that the application process is now open! Please note that all applications will be reviewed and approved by the AMPLIFY Board of Directors.

To apply, simply click on the link below and fill out the application form. Be sure to provide thoughtful responses that highlight your passion for our mission and your vision for the role of an AMPLIFY Ambassador.