2022 Awards Event Stars Among Us: Awarding Excellence in Entrepreneurship


The purpose of the Carol Hague AchieveHERs Woman of the Year Award is to recognize an individual woman who has distinguished herself in our organization, her profession, and her community. The recipient of the Carol Hague AchieveHERs Woman of the Year Award epitomizes the values for which AchieveHERs and AMPLIFY Clearwater stands and represents the best of who we are as women and as leaders.

The nominees will be judged using the following criteria:


The candidate has demonstrated a significant level of involvement in the activities and business of the organization over an extended period of time. She has demonstrated leadership by using her abilities to develop or improve a program or service that significantly advances the mission of AchieveHERs.


The candidate has demonstrated professional growth by outstanding progress in her chosen career. For example, she has consistently demonstrated exceptional job performance beyond what is normally performed or expected. She has demonstrated commitment to fostering growth and development of women by sharing guidance and professional skills.


The candidate has demonstrated a commitment to her community by sharing her time and talent in ways that benefit the community or individuals within it. She has demonstrated exceptional personal commitment to civic endeavors outside of her professional obligations.


The candidate has demonstrated a commitment to life-long learning and expansion of her own personal and professional resources. For example, she has sought an expansion of knowledge by pursuing a formal degree plan or by participating in selected educational opportunities specific to her career and position.


The candidate has demonstrated leadership characteristics throughout her career and personal work. Her contributions have required cooperative efforts of other individuals, departments, or agencies. She has successfully demonstrated her abilities as an individual, a team member, and a leader. She has demonstrated a willingness to serve and assist other women in their personal and professional development and contributed to the successes of others as well as her own.


Award Categories

This business is a standout organization. It exhibits excellence and best business practices. 

Three awards will be given in this sector: 

0 – 5 Employees 

6 – 24 Employees 

25+ Employees 

Nominees in the Business Resiliency Award category are businesses that have responded to the pandemic with positivity and an exceptional level of leadership. They have found innovative ways to sustain and grow their business during the pandemic, and have supported their staff throughout the shutdown. These organizations have also demonstrated a positive social conscience by utilizing their resources to improve their community. 

This award was created to honor an individual or company who has an outstanding business, has pioneered an effective strategy for business in Clearwater and in the surrounding community, and shown dedication to AMPLIFY Clearwater. 

This recognition pays tribute to an individual or organization that makes a big difference in the lives of others. They are committed to corporate social responsibility and dedicated to making the Tampa Bay Region a better place to live, work, and play. Nonprofits and for-profits alike can participate in this award. 

Creating a positive company culture is a universal necessity in all size of business. This business is intentional by investing in the development and wellbeing of its employees. 

Nominees in the Environmental Steward Award category are organizations that have demonstrated exceptional contributions, commitment, and actions to make a positive impact on the local environmental landscape. They are a role model for business in environmental sustainability best practices, and have helped to build environmental awareness and promote environmental stewardship within the Tri-Cities. 

The recipient of this award started small but thought big. This top-tier recognition will pay tribute to an entrepreneur who has reached the pinnacle of prosperity. 

This award was created to recognize a new generation of leaders who are providing innovative solutions to social and business challenges, and improving the quality of life in our community. This award symbolizes the aspiration to transcendent leadership to be pursued by each new generation and to build a better world by creating tangible and practical solutions to some of the most significant challenges faced by our communities. 

This prestigious award is given to an industry leader whose exceptional commitment has significantly enhanced and perpetuated the tourism industry in Clearwater. 

This recognition will honor a business that began no more than two years ago. Its innovative approach ensures that it’s well on its way. 

This award recognizes a minority-owned and/or woman-owned organization that exhibits excellence and best business practices. 

Calling all 501(c)3 organization serving the Greater Tampa Bay Region! If you have demonstrated excellence in non-profit business management practices and resource developmentAchieved growth in the number of programs, networks, partnerships, collaborations and services that demonstrate community impact and experienced steady growth in clients served – apply today for this prestigious award! 

This kudos will go to a young professional who is shaking up the small business space. Applicants must be under 40 years of age by November 30, 2022.