Leadership AMPLIFIED is a 9-month interactive training program designed to transform you into an elite leader.

Class of 2023 is now closed!

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In today’s world of remarkable social and technological change, increasing health and economic uncertainties, cultural transformations and polarizing attitudes towards governance, the need for genuine and sustainable leadership at all levels of society, and within every community, has never been more clear. For those who recognize that leadership is not a merely a result of one’s title or station in life but rather something more fundamental, we have an extraordinary opportunity for you…

 AMPLIFY Clearwater has partnered with 4D Associates International and Learning Optimized – a premier in person and virtual training and coaching collaboration specializing in the design and delivery of sophisticated leadership development programs.  This unique interactive training program utilizes evidenced-based models within the social sciences along with proprietary diagnostics, frameworks and methods of delivery that accelerate the personal and professional growth of civic and business leaders allowing them to measurably enhance their individual success and increase the value they bring to their organizations, and within their communities.

4D Associates International and Learning Optimized facilitators have  decades of experience  drawing upon a range of  proven training and coaching techniques that get underneath the surface of performance to redefine genuine leadership as the ultimate outcome of unique mindsets, attitudes and a range of conscientious behaviors that are grounded in the being-ness of partnership with others. Our program’s participants discover that their true capacity for Leadership is not a function of their abilities (strengths and achievements) but rather an expression of their Responsibility… their commitment to transcend comfort and convenience and expand their capacity to truly be in service to others for the common good. We also recognize that actual leadership is not something that can simply be learned by taking courses or reading a stack of books. It requires a disciplined practice with creative methods for continual  reinforcement and accountability, which are essential aspects of our program’s curriculum.

We invite you to learn more about how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity for personal discovery, challenge and achievement within a supportive and empowering team environment.

Class meets in a hybrid-model monthly September 2022 –  May 2023.  Successful completion of the course requires attendance at the September kick-off retreat and 6 of the 8 remaining dates.


The Foundations of Leadership
• Redefining Leadership as less transactional and more about the fundamentals of developing Partnership Oriented Relationship.

• Exploring the significant ways genuine Leaders see and think differently.

• Learning to practice the behavioral and decision making distinctions of Being versus Doing versus Having to manifest important goals in all domains of life.

Success Mindsets: Keys to Unlocking the Leader Within You
• Learn the four different mindsets that comprise the Success Mindsets Framework.

• Identify your current mindset and learn new ways to grow mindsets to improve life and leadership in all areas.

• Appreciate individual mindset differences and strengthen relationships through “mindset flexing.”

Leadership Through Style Flexing
• Develop the ability to accurately recognize the dominant and sub-dominate communication and decision-making styles of others.

• Understand the wide array of nuanced differences among the dominant styles.

• Learn how to practice the art of “style flexing” to master communication, strengthen relationships and build highly collaborative teams.

Mastering the Art of Listening
• Exploring communication as a blend of objective and subjective realities.

• Defining key distinctions and common roadblocks to fully understanding the messages of Others.

• Learning the 5 Levels of Listening and the key steps to significantly enhance listening as a skill.

Fostering Diversity, Inclusion and Equality
• To help foster a deeper appreciation of differences in backgrounds, cultures and levels of self and social awareness.

• To establish a shared common language in which to better understand and generate open and productive dialog that eliminate barriers to equity and inclusion.

• Learn 4 proven frameworks that leaders use to better engage and support diversity.

Developing Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Agility
• Learn to transverse the distinct paths of technical know how and social/emotional competencies that lead to enhanced leadership of self and others.

• Uncover sources of stress and how to transform it into states of learning and growth.

• Expanding Self Awareness to building trust in relationships.

• Navigating the brains auto response and Emotional Hijacking.

Building Conflict Competency
• Identifying the various source all interpersonal / group conflict.

• Learning the 5 distinct Conflict Styles and the situational value, benefits and detriments of each one.

• Exploring practical steps to neutralize conflict and utilize its value to build better relationships.

The Art of Negotiation
• Locating yourself on the Assertiveness Scale.

• Defining the two sides of credibility and developing practical approaches to building both sides.

• Learning step-by-step solutions to important professional situations (giving instructions, negotiating agreements, saying no, delivering performance reviews).


Lead Trainers

Ralph Campbell is a Certified Master Coach with more than 25 years in ontological leadership and performance-based consulting as well as diversity awareness training and youth mentoring. He is a graduate of Leadership Broward XXII and Leadership Florida XXVII and has served as a Chair Person / Member of multiple Community Boards including United Way of Broward County, Nova Southeastern University Ambassador, YMCA, National Conference for Community & Justice and many others. He is a graduate of Morehouse College and the Dartmouth Tuck School of Business Leadership Program, “Building a High Performance Business.”

Francis Jay Caputo is a Certified Master Coach with over 25 years of experience in professional leadership training and coaching curriculum design and delivery for many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies including Xerox, BCG, Reyes Holdings, Lockheed Martin and The US Marine Corp. He is the creator of the 4D Transformative Coaching Certification Program™ accredited by the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA), enhancing the coaching competencies of organizational and civic leaders. He holds M.S. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, is a Certified Radical Honesty® Trainer and Coach and a former Certified District Court Mediator in the Washington D.C region.

Laurie A. Watkins is an Executive Coach to multiple Fortune 500 leaders and the bestselling author of the award-winning book, Go from Stressed to Strong: Advice from High Achievers. She is a veteran of several presidential, gubernatorial and congressional campaigns and served as Policy Director to President Obama during his 2012 campaign and as an advisor in his administration. Laurie is a regular political commentator on both MSNBC, FOX News among other national networks. Laurie’s clients include Florida State University, University of California, McGeorge School of Law, Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund and Women Elevated among many others.
Ralph Campbell
Francis Jay Caputo
Laurie A. Watkins