Join Amplify Clearwater


$11,000 annually

Strengthen our regional economy
You deserve recognition for making our region a prosperous place. As a community benefactor, we know you want to help the region attract and retain talent, build a robust workforce, and drive a growing economy.

Positioning in our region

  • Gift a Discover Level Investment to the charity or DE&I business of your choice ($456 Value) includes a public presentation
  • Logo visibility at all signature events
  • Visibility and recognition as a top community investor in digital media including newsletters
  • Complimentary AchieveHERs annual involvement to one person on your team
  • annual sponsorship on our home page


  • Trailing Family Concierge services for your talent recruitment efforts
  • Unlimited regional branches or up to ten additional businesses

PLUS all of the services and benefits of Magnify, Propel, Empower, and Discover levels below.


$5,500 annually

Representing your interests in local government
As a leader, you care about developing relationships with other business and civic leaders to grow your business. The problem is it is hard to know where to plug in, which can make you fee! like you don’t have a voice or like you‘re being left behind. We believe you should not have to search for ways to make your community a better place. It all starts with showing up.


  • Reserved seat on the President’s Leadership Council which meets biannually –Exclusive!
  • Invitation to annual Tallahassee and Capitol Trip & Private Reception
  • Your brochure or promotional item included in Relocation Kit
  • Ability to post events on AMPLIFY social platforms
  • Additional $500 Digital Advertising Credit (Total $1,000)*


  • Personalized investment plan
  • Additional businesses or branches, up to three 

PLUS all of the services and benefits of Propel, Empower and Discover levels below.


$2,750 annually

Support our programs in leadership development
You want to work with other influence in our community so you never have to worry about missing out on the very opportunity you’ve been striving for. Watch your team get stronger as they are better informed. Enjoy being among influential leaders who are shaping our region.


  • Premium Ribbon Cutting including video shared to AMPLIFY social platforms
  • Business Spotlight video produced by AMPLIFY, published on our social media platforms, website & featured in our newsletter
  • Annual Growth Breakfast with the board of directors
  • Invitation to exclusive events with community leaders
  • Discounted pricing for participation in Leadership AMPLIFIED
  • Advertising in SPARK Newsletter reaching new local leaders
  • Additional $250 Digital Advertising Credit (Total $500)*


  • Additional categories or locations, up to two 

PLUS all of the services and benefits of Empower and Discover levels below.


$1,100 annually

Promoting your business as a destination
We know it is hard to balance all the demands of your time and attention. That’s why we’re committed to giving you services to grow your visibility, to make you well-known in the community, and to give you better connections that will save you time and money. Gain Visibility without trading your time and get supported by the most influential people in the region.

Marketing Visibility

  • Basic Ribbon Cutting
  • Priority placement in Community Newsletter
  • Premium business listing and search engine optimized business profile on including embedded videos
  • Your brochure or promotional item included in New Investor Welcome Kit (conditions apply)
  • Access to Small Business Education Series (Clearwater Business SPARK)
  • $250 Digital Advertising Credit*
  •  One additional category or location

PLUS all of the services and benefits of the Discover level below.

This level is reserved for companies of up to 50 employees.


$456 annually

New Opportunities Through Relationships

At AMPLIFY Clearwater, we believe you deserve to find a room full of people just like you who can share your story and become an army of ambassadors for your brand. We understand how hard it is to get connected with the right people who can help you grow your business, which is why we are on a mission to be the number-one connector of business owners.

Connecting you to our region

  • Your business featured on our website, newsletter & social platforms as a new investor
  • Standard business listing on our digital business directory
  • Business referrals exclusively for investors
  • Your marketing materials at our North Beach Visitor Center
  • Invitation to connection events – Annual Special Events – Networking Events – Young Professionals & more
  • Involvement in councils and committees for anyone on your team
  • Ability to host networking events
  • Regular updates from on issues affecting your business: – AMP Newsletter – Community Newsletter – President’s Report
  • Opportunity to submit content for our Community Newsletter
  • Advocacy for issues that affect your business at all levels of government
  • Access to Exclusive Small Business Health Insurance
  • Access to Small Employer 401(k) options
  • Invitation to annual Chamber Travel Trip
  • Ability to submit job postings on
  • Virtual investor plaque and window cling— tell the community you’re invested in Clearwater
  • Investors-only pricing at events
  • Eligible for advertising on
  • Ability to post events on website’s community calendar

To get connected:

  1. Join today
  2. Schedule an orientation with an ambassador
  3. Attend your first event and meet other business owners just like you
Join today! Get the connections you need to feel capable and well-informed. Build relationships with other business owners who often become life-long friends.


This level is reserved for companies of up to 25 employees.